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Our Story



What is Banchong?
Banchong is a gathering call for the neighbourhood. To raise a glass, to get fed with dishes from our childhood.

Our Toasts
We source our ingredients locally and our Chef GK’s Kaya is made fresh daily - free from preservatives and artificial colouring.


Did you know?
Banchong Industries used to make corrugated cardboard boxes in their original Banchong Building where we are now. We have kept their name alive and you can see the original stone plaque embedded on our wall.


In memory of Ban Ban

We remember Ban Ban the cat who used to live in Banchong Building (2012-2018). She was a stray taken in by a worker from Banchong. After the owner had passed away, she became our free-roaming guardian on the campus. She loved showing her belly to visitors at the front steps — greeting us in the mornings, and late at night whenever we OT-ed. 

She was loved by all. Ban Ban, you're missed.

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